Business-oriented Real Estate Attorneys


About Us

At Hansen McMonagle, we are committed to a business-oriented approach to real estate law. We believe real estate transactions should not be negotiated in a vacuum. An understanding of the client’s business objectives and underwriting behind each transaction is paramount. While we guide our clients through every legal aspect of sophisticated real estate transactions, we remain focused on our client’s business objectives. We quantify risk so our clients can make informed decisions. We are goal-oriented facilitators of deals, not obstructionists.

We specialize in the sale, purchase, leasing, financing (securitized/non-securitized/mezzanine), and development of commercial real estate, including office buildings, retail properties, multifamily apartment buildings, and warehouses. Our vast experience in construction financing gives us a unique ability to expedite the development of our clients’ projects. Our extensive network of contacts in the real estate community gives us the ability to facilitate our clients’ transactions in a cost-efficient matter.

Our clients include owners, developers, investors, lenders, retailers and operators of office and residential buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial projects.